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              301 E. 31st Street

            Houston, Texas 77018

             Phone: 713-862-7428

           On 610 NORTH LOOP

     -Take N. MAIN St / YALE St Exit. 

     -Turn RIGHT onto CORTLAND ST.

      -301 E 31ST St is on the RIGHT

           Bro. Michael H. Cook, son of the late Bro. and Sis. W. H. Cook, has been living in Houston, Texas for almost  45 years.  He has been ministering at the Church of Christ in Studewood Independent Heights for 14 years.  He is married to Ruth Cook, and they have four children and nine grandchildren.

          Minister:  Michael Horace Cook

        William Smith was born in Caldwell Texas on July 24, 1934. He married Margie Randle in 1954 and to this union four children were born; one son William Jr. (Sonny) and three daughters, Paula Melton, Mechelle Cook and Nikki Smith.

He was introduced to the Church by the late Bro. Rufus Randall under the leadership of the late Bro. Nolan Alexander and Bro. John Tillman Sr. He obeyed the gospel at the Church of Christ in Fifth Ward in the year of 1960. In 1970 he and his family moved their membership to the Church of Christ in Studewood.

Bor. Smith has a love for the Word of God. He studied and trained under the leadership of the late Bro. Wilton H. Cook. He is a faithful member and Lord’s Day morning bible class teacher. He also was involved in the instructing of the preachers training classes at Studewood. He is faithfully involved with the evangelistic effort of the neighborhood door knocking ministry in the surrounding community of the church building.
Assistant Minister: William Smith

    Tim Cook was born in Houston, Texas on June 1, 1968. He started attending the Church of Christ in Studewood along with his father, mother, brother and sisters in 1978. It was at Studewood where he obeyed the gospel of the Church under the leadership of his grandfather the late Bro. Wilton H. Cook Sr. It was also at Studewood where he met Mechelle Smith whom later he married on June 2, 1990. Tim and Mechelle have two sons, Tim Jr. and Isaac.

Tim began preaching 1n 1994 and has a love for the Word of God. He studied and trained under his grandfather the late Wilton H. Cook Sr. and his father Michael H. Cook who is now the current minister of Studewood.

Tim credits GOD 1st, his grandfather (Wilton H. Cook), his father (Michael h. Cook) and his uncle (Oliver Jack Forward) for having a great influence on his life because of there life and dedication to the Lord.

Assistant Minister: Timothy C. CookSr.